News Release

 Youth Conference Creates Love and Laughter

The youth of the Miri District of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints shared three days of lessons, love and laughter at Similajau National Park near Bintulu, Malaysia. Youth ages 14-18, from six different congregations, came together to enjoy friendships, old and new, and to learn valuable lessons. 

The conference was led by Kevin Geramong and Cherie Sobredo, Young Men and Young Women district leaders, along with other leaders from the different areas. Groups gathered on the beach, intertwined their arms and tried to work together to form a large circle without breaking their hold. Bending and twisting together, they learned about teamwork and unity. Later, the youth were blindfolded while sitting on the floor and listened carefully to whispered sounds that led them to their home groups. This was a good activity for listening to direction from God.

The youth showed incredible talent as each group performed a dance from a different country of the world. Laughter and loud clapping filled the room. They danced during the talent show and then all together in celebration of the fun event.

It was a beautiful, quiet morning as the youth rotated in groups to different classes to learn of self-reliance, temple marriage, and to study  the scriptures. As many testimonies were shared, one girl said,  “I have only been a member of the Church for five months and I’m so happy the missionaries found me and I am here.”  Another young man said “I believe that no matter where we come from, the spirit is still the same.”

At midnight everyone left their beds and joined together by the Christmas tree and a beautiful star to listen to the story of Christ’s birth to receive a challenge to follow His star, and to bring others to the joy of Christ.

Tired and happy, the youth left for home.  They will be outstanding as the future leaders in Malaysia. 

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