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Basic guidelines for Family Home Evening: 


Basic guidelines for Family Home Evening:

1.  Start with Prayer - Prayer helps you start off your time together with a good feeling. Consider asking God to help you make your family time together meaningful or to help everyone learn something new.

2. Have a Spiritual Lesson - You can start the week off with some spiritual "oomph" and feel closer as a family the rest of the week by having a meaningful lesson. Choose a family member to plan it. It doesn’t have to be long (and it probably shouldn’t be). The lesson can be as simple as discussing a scripture story, or it can have some creative flair—like building a cardboard version of Noah's Ark. Take a peek at the Family Home Evening Resource Book for lesson ideas

3. Have Fun Together  - You can ask a different family member to pick a fun activity you can all do together, whether it be playing badminton, playing a game, or listening to music you enjoy.

4. End with Prayer - End the way you started—with a heartfelt prayer. You can thank God for the time you got to spend together and for the blessings you have as a family. You can even offer gratitude for everyone who helped with each part of the family home evening

5. Enjoy a Treat - If your family enjoys treats (and a lot of families do), you can make something together or ask one family member to make something. The treat could be health-friendly, like fruits and veggies. Or you could snack on cookies or nachos while playing an enjoyable game or activity with your family members. 

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