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Young Single Adult Conference Uplifts Participants

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, the Mormons, are charged to be sincere and diligent disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. An essential part of that discipleship is to marry and then actively parent those children that are born into their family. Those who are aware of current conditions in modern society may wonder how to accomplish that in young single adults (YSA) aged 18-30 years.

Central Malaysian leaders in the Church seem to have discovered a secret recipe. YSA from the Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh Districts were captivated Friday December 1 through Sunday December 3, 2017 at the beautiful Semenyih Ecoventure Resort. YSA gathered for social interaction, inspirational presentations, group learning, recreational and fitness events, dancing, and food.


Those involved in planning and preparation felt inspired and their path to accomplishment almost miraculous as they worked to achieve their vision. The power of the experience became apparent and they were gratified as they listened to expressions of testimony of the participants on the last day of the conference. One young man expressed that observing the examples of young men who had previously served as missionaries for the Church inspired and convinced him that he would benefit from missionary service. 

President and Sister Simmons from the Singapore Mission, Area Authorities Elders Meredith and Woo, and District Presidents Tolman and Yap attended. Besides presenting helpful ideas, answers to questions about single adult life and spiritual insights, they were fun. Although they did not coordinate their topics, there was continuity and flow of their ideas. Significantly, each bore testimony of the power of the Book of Mormon and encouraged daily searching of that book and prayer.

Old friendships were renewed and enhanced. New friends were made. One individual observed that each young adult became better acquainted with at least ten other youth during the conference. In our culture, youth are often distracted by social media and may be unaware of those around them. So techniques for social interaction and gaining essential information about others were learned and practiced with activities like speed dating and “Will You Be My Partner?” Phone numbers and other contact information were exchanged. Youth were committed to contact their new friends within a short time of returning home.

Those who attended felt rewarded with deeper relationships with old friends, exciting new friends, improved perspectives of life, bolstered social skills, and increased faith in God. They expressed gratitude to those who planned, prepared and produced a powerful experience for the YSA of Central Malaysia.

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