News Release

Helping Hands and Loving Hearts

The usual stand-out attire for missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day

Saints was set aside for a few hours today in order to provide some sorely needed

landscaping assistance at Tasputra Perkim in downtown Kuala Lumpur. Instead, the

missionaries showed up in casual gym clothes, including tee shirts, basketball shorts

and sneakers, prepared to tackle the yard. Ignoring dripping perspiration and pesky

mosquitoes, weeds were plucked, planters were raked, and bushes were trimmed!   The

final result was a neat and tidy yard, rescued once again from the jungle that constantly

threatens to overtake!

Tasputra Perkim is a daycare center for severely handicapped children, operated under

Elahe Norman's watchful care for more than 25 years.  The Church of Jesus Christ of

Latter-day Saints is not unfamiliar with Tasputra Perkim.  Previously, LDS Charities

gifted the organization with special therapy chairs as well as wheelchairs.   LDS

missionaries have visited and offered service there for more than ten years.  A mutually

beneficial relationship continues, and there is a coconut tree to confirm history.  As a

young plant, the tree was given to Elahe Norman to remember the Church and the

senior missionary couple that served in KL and came to know Elahe and recognize the

selfless service she provides without government assistance to these children. The tree

is about ten years old. 

"I pray that we may be aware of the needs of those around us...  May we ever be ready

to extend to them a helping hand and a loving heart" said President Thomas S. Monson,

Prophet and President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in speaking to

church membership. Missionaries personify this model of Christlike behavior, helping

those in need.

At the conclusion of the service project, the young Elders and Sisters returned home to

freshen up, don their usual white shirts and ties with dress slacks for the young men,

skirts and blouses for the young women, and continue with their day filled with

interviews, appointments, English instruction, contacting, teaching and other acts of

service, kindness and compassion.

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