News Release

Hong Kong Welcomes 11th Annual A.S.I.A. LDS Women's Conference

"That thy light may be a standard for the nation"

The 11th annual A.S.I.A. (Associated Sisters in Asia) Conference took place March 8-10, 2018 for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in the LDS Church Administration Builidng in Wan Chai, Hong Kong.  About 200 Latter-day Saint women and friends flew in from all over Asia to attend. "Arise and shine forth that thy light may be a standard for the nation." (D&C 115:5) was the theme for this year's conference.

Elder Randy D. Funk, the Asia Area President for the LDS Church, was the keynote speaker.  Interesting break-out sessions were presented by talented LDS guest speakers on subjects such as: Finding your Power, Spiritual Integrity, Come Unto Me and I Shall Heal You and more.  Classes such as these inspired listeners to more fully exercise their faith in Christ and believe in their potential. 


Every year since 2016, the A.S.I.A Women’s Conference, has partnered with Days for Girls International to produce proper washable feminine hygiene kits for girls living in impoverished areas. Providing hygiene kits allows these girls the opportunity to stay in school, giving them knowledge, dignity and empowerment. After four-hours of sewing and assembling, women at the 2018 conference completed close to 80 Days for Girls kits, which were then delivered by conference leaders to girls living at the Rainbow Khushi Home in New Delhi, India. The Rainbow Khushi Home is a rescue home and sancuary for girls who were once living on the streets.  Funding for the kits came from the A.S.I.A conference registration fee, LDS humanitarian fund and private donations.

"I received strength and instruction by attending," shared Sister Juli Cole from Kuala Lumpur. "This year, I had some deeper struggles that I was dealing with in my personal life.  While attending the conference, these issues did not go away, however, through attending some key classes and implementing what I learned, these issues became resolved. I often review my notes and impressions to remind me of these lessons."

Sister Poh Peng, the Petaling Jaya Relief Society President, said, "I love how we uplift one another through sharing personal experiences and faith promoting testimonies of God. This year, I’m reminded of the need to nurture positive views of oneself as part of developing resilience and spiritual integrity. This is my 3rd year attending A.S.I.A Women’s Conference." 

The A.S.I.A. Women's Conference is an annual event where LDS women and their friends throughout the Asia Area gather to hear and share uplifting messages. There are inspiring and educational presentations, and an opportunity to participate in service projects.  Everyone enjoys uniting their voices in songs and joining together with women of faith in the rich blessings of sisterhood. In addition to the conference, many women set aside time to attend the Hong Kong LDS temple where they find peace and serenity from their busy lives to seek answers to their prayers.

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