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Interfaith Committee Meets the Mormon Leaders in Kuala Lumpur

A dozen members of the INSaF Interfaith committee recently met with the Kuala Lumpur leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also known as the Mormons. In the past six months, this committee has met with the area leaders of other religions as well. They visited the Kuala Lumpur Diocese, Buddhist Maha Vihara, The Brahama Kumaris, the Vedanta Group, The Baha’i Community Malaysia and the Malaysia Gurdwaras Council. The purpose of these religiously diverse gatherings is to strengthen the fellowship between INSaF and organized religions and establish peace and harmony. In the LDS Church building in Petaling Jaya, the guests all received folders containing information about the Church in Malaysia, an introduction booklet and a Mormon Tabernacle Choir CD.

After brief introductions by all visiting INSaF committee members, the LDS Church Public Affairs Committee and Church leadership, President Tai Tolman, the Kuala Lumpur District President of the LDS faith, welcomed the group, introduced himself and his responsibilities for the administration of the seven area congregations. There is no paid ministry in the LDS Church, and all service is voluntary. It is a wonderful opportunity to grow, to serve and to change. He came to Malaysia for work purposes 12 years ago, but loves the mix of race, cultures and how it works so well in Malaysia. He and his family have chosen Malaysia as their home. “Malaysia Boleh” or way of life here, is an example of “how to live, learn and get along.” We are all brothers and sisters.

President Tolman announced the renovation of a building nearby that will become a district conference building where worship services and various meetings will be held. It will also house a complete Family History Library where genealogy research can be accomplished by members of many faiths.

Dr. Amir, the beloved Chair of the INSaF Committee, said the committee members came purposefully to “thank the LDS community for helping Malaysia and the Pure Life Society, but also to strengthen our bonds and extract a pledge that you will always be a part of Pure Life.”

He went on to share his admiration for the LDS Church. He said the combination of dedication and discipline brings success, and he has seen it in the LDS Church. “They (Mormons) are a successful community because they put their teachings into practice. They emphasize the family, education, and correct nutrition.”

In additional insightful comments that should be broadcast worldwide, Dr. Amir said, “If you are doing good, I respect you. The driving force behind this is the love for God. We may disagree in theology, but we agree on love for God and it should drive each of us to goodness and to success. This should also be the binding reason to love one another. Different religions should not separate us.”

One longtime INSaF member asked where the LDS Church gets funds to build. In his response, President Tolman shared the law of tithing, that members are happy to pay the Lord 10% of their income on a volunteer basis. These funds are used to build church buildings and temples. Nothing is for-profit. Members can also donate fast offerings to help the needy local members. There are very specific rules to handle offerings and tithes. The Church is also a large worldwide humanitarian force, coming to the aid of many disaster relief efforts.

After the formal discussion, refreshments were enjoyed and fellowshipping began in earnest. President Tolman spoke French with the three visiting exchange students who attended with an INSaF member. They were delighted to speak their native tongue in Malaysia! Dr. Amir’s wife and son visited with a missionary couple and with President Royce Tai, District 2nd Counselor. It was a warm and friendly atmosphere for all who attended. As one committee member was leaving, he said that he would have enjoyed a cup of coffee with the food. “Next time serve coffee,” he said to the sister missionary with him. She chuckled as she recognized he was teasing her. He knows very well that Mormons follow a code of health known as the Word of Wisdom, which includes abstinence from alcohol, tobacco, coffee, and tea.

INSaF is the Inter-Faith Spiritual Fellowship arm of Pure Life Society. Its mission statement is “Unity in Diversity.” Pure Life Society’s mission is to promote the spirit of unity in the face of diversity through service to the community irrespective of race or creed.

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