News Release

Into the Wilderness

Just like Nephi and Lehi of Olden Times


Connect and commune with God in nature, was the objective of this year’s Young Women Camp. No better place than into the remote village of Kampung Janda Baik (meaning the Good Widow Village) in the lowland jungles of the state of Pahang Darul Makmur, Malaysia. Skirting the village is Red Cabanon, a secluded sports and recreational facility that specializes in outdoor sports and adventure.

Here, the young women camped like Nephi and Lehi of olden times. The experience was an eye opener to a biosphere rich in nature of all sorts. In fact, it was a perfect environment to commune with God. What more, an ideal place to ponder and learn gospel truths.

Using the surrounding ecosphere as a medium of understanding and learning gospel principles and truths, nature-based activities were organized for these agile young women. Activity themes and concepts were designed to inculcate a realization of their divine nature, a daily reliance on the Holy Spirit, and to build a personal relationship with God through devotion and prayer.

During the camp, the young women had to focus on spiritual survival alongside physical survival. They learned new and important survival skills. For example, cooking using bamboo and other nature objects or materials found in the surroundings; team building; and, how to camp in the wilderness and keep safe. While food, water and shelter were needed for keeping the body alive, the heart and mind relied on faith and obedience to gospel truths and standards. What better way to keep themselves righteous, chaste and steadfast.

Having been enlightened and strengthened during their camp, these faithful young women took home with them memories, new friendships and a greater testimony of their divine nature.

This year’s theme was Stand for Truth and Righteousness. The Young Women District Presidency of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is led by Claire Lim, Anita Agustin and Vicki Wells. This year’s camp director was Esther Lee. Also in attendance were Ho Min Lian from the Relief Society District Presidency, Richard Ho from the Kuala Lumpur District Presidency and Dale Wells from the Cheras Branch Presidency.

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