News Release

LDS Charities Paves the Path to Self Reliance

LDS Charities and Henry Sandanam, founder of the Association of Social Services and Community Development of Gombak District (PSPK), have a history of partnering together to assist disadvantaged mothers in Malaysia. Their goal has been to provide equipment and needed skills to allow the women to be self-reliant.

Recently Noor Hana Hamid attended a baking skills class taught by volunteers from LDS Charities, the humanitarian arm of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This was her first time using an electric mixer and commercial oven. Her goal was to learn a new skill which would allow her to better provide for her family of four. When a brain tumor left her with considerable deafness and a partially paralyzed hand,  Noor had a hard time seeing any value she might be to her family or community. After taking the baking class she identified a need she might fill and has since worked to refine the recipe given in the class to meet the tastes of local school children.

Noor currently has a contract to provide 36 banana muffins daily to a local school cantina. She has a small electric oven which allows her to bake 6 muffins at a time, and has created a production schedule that fits her responsibilities as a provider and mother.

Self-Reliance is becoming a catch word at the PSPK sewing center following the donation of additional sewing and cutting equipment donated by LDS Charities for the training facility.  Upwards of 500 people are assisted each year due to the contributions. These women come from all walks of life in the Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia area. They are referred to PSPK by friends, counselors, government workers, or religious leaders.

Women are also trained in the use of sewing machines and button hole machines. With the recent addition of cutting equipment provided by LDS Charities, school uniforms, t-shirts and drapery fabric are cut, and assembled at the sewing center. The women at the sewing center work daily to produce school uniforms and t-shirts to fill contracts obtained by PSPK. They currently are working to obtain drapery contracts for local hotels.

Each day, women at PSPK have an opportunity to see a path for a better way of life and many  use the tools provided by LDS Charities to become more self-reliant. Noor Hana Hamid is an example that the program is working!


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