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LDS Charities provide 2,600 wheelchairs to West Malaysians since 2008 

2008 was a monumental year for Rokmani Govenior when she received a wheelchair donated by LDS Charities, an arm of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Homebound and struggling, her world changed "when your church gave me my 'legs' so I am able to go to temple".

Rokmani lives at Selangor Cheshire Home in Malaysia, and has been a resident there since 1999. She was homebound until receiving a wheelchair in 2008. As she became more comfortable with her "new legs" she began to leave her room and even ventured forth in her neighborhood. Today, Rokmani uses her chair nearly every day to travel the two kilometers so she can worship in the temple of her faith. Still in the 2008 chair, and though due to age and in need of repair, she states she has no interest in a new chair because " this chair gave me freedom to attend temple, I can walk good in this one. It is blessing enough!"

Rokmani is just one of nearly 2,600 West Malaysians who have received wheelchairs from Cheshire Home Selangor, a distributor of chairs donated by LDS Charities to those in need. Volunteers train local professionals to assess, fit and educate patients in the proper use of their wheelchair. The chairs are provided at no cost to those in need.

On October 19 during a ceremony honoring LDS Charities and Selangor Cheshire Homes, several people received new wheelchairs. Eleven year old Mohamed Imin was presented with a chair for his use. Mohamed has been in a stroller for the past 11 years and as such, his posture is poor which brings on other health issues. His caregivers and Mohamed are being trained in the proper use of the chair, which will expand his daily activities.

The wheelchair recognition was part of the Fifty Year Anniversary of Selangor Cheshire Home in Malaysia. A multi-cultural extravaganza of beautiful dances spotlighted the cultural diversity in Malaysia. Traditional costume was worn as dancers performed dances from five Asian countries. Each country is represented with large populations of people currently residing in Malaysia. A highlight was a wheelchair dance performed by residents of the center..

Attending this event were representatives from the nine countries which make up the East Asia and Pacific Regional Council of Cheshire Homes. Guests of honor included Datin Paduka Khatijah Sulieman, (Kuala Lumpur) President of Selangor  Cheshire Home, Datuk Rowland Chin, (Kota Kinabalu) President, Malaysian Council of Cheshire Homes and Services, and Tiziana Oliva, (London) International Director, Leonard Cheshire Disability. Humanitarian Missionaries, Sid and Linda Thatcher presented a plaque to Selangor Cheshire Home, recognizing the eight year partnership with LDS Charities. A container of 338 newly arrived wheelchairs was officially presented to Selangor Cheshire Home, a NGO partner with LDS Charities and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.   


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