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Power in the Word of Wisdom

The Word of Wisdom, abided by members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is a powerful principle for physical health. But the spiritual blessings may be even more compelling.

Here is the story of a church member who struggled with addiction, his remarkable recovery through living the Word of Wisdom and the impact that has on his family.

If one “Googles” “trending of the health conscious”, the top three articles are from CNBC, Forbes, and the Nielson group.

Nielson states, “Being healthy isn’t a new trend. After all, no one wants to be unhealthy. How consumers approach their health, however, is distinctly different from how they did in the not-too-distant past. In fact, it wasn’t too long ago that taking care of your health simply meant (1) keeping your regularly scheduled doctor’s visits, (2) minding your diet and (3) getting some exercise. While these basic principles still serve as a loose overarching framework for general health and wellness, they fall well short of what the [health conscious individual] strives for today.”

The article goes on to talk about knowledge gained through the internet expanding one’s ability to stay out of the doctor’s office.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is one of the churches that has a health code. Ours, called the Word of Wisdom, was revealed through a prophet almost 185 years ago. God, our Father, wants his children to be healthy and well. But our perspective is different than most of the health conscious.

As stated on our website,, “We lived with God, our Heavenly Father, as spirit children long before we came to earth, and in that premortal existence we progressed, learning all we could before it became necessary to obtain a body in order to progress further. At the time of our birth we received that body; it was a sacred gift from God created in His image, a physical temple for our spirit. Ultimately, when we are resurrected, our bodies will be perfected and reunited eternally with our spirits. Until that time, we’re responsible for our temporal health.

“After His Church was restored in our day, God revealed an important law called the Word of Wisdom, which is composed of inspired counsel for our physical and spiritual well-being. In it we are advised to eat nutritious foods such as fruits, vegetables, and grains. We are also counseled to eat meat sparingly and to avoid addictive substances such as tobacco, alcohol, coffee, tea, and any other drinks or food containing harmful substances.

“Since that revelation, prophets of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have also added counsel to abstain from using illegal drugs, abusing prescription drugs, and overeating. In addition to their council, Church members are encouraged to sleep seven to eight hours a night, to exercise regularly, and to fast once a month—where we abstain from two consecutive meals—both to help us learn to master our physical appetites and to help us be more spiritually in tune.”

Malaysian MNR interviewed Rajendra Paul Dass Oct 29, 2017.

Brother Dass has a unique perspective. He is a dermatologist trained in internal medicine as well as past president of the KL district. He experiences the dual role of ministering for physical health of his patients and the spiritual health of saints within the Church.

When asked if he had observed a relationship between physical and spiritual health, he replied, “The body and soul work hand in hand. They form a united entity that is co-dependent. Physical and spiritual health together inspire emotional, social and intellectual well-being.” In addition he noted, “[Physically and spiritually healthy individuals] build strong families that are able to [withstand] the stresses of the world. They also build good social circles.”

Dr. Dass was also asked if he thought the spiritual blessings might approach or even exceed the physical blessings. He replied, “The spiritual blessings supersede the physical blessings. The Word of Wisdom is primarily a spiritual law given to us from our Heavenly Father.”

When queried regarding the spiritual blessings, he quoted D&C 89:18-21.

Additional statements he desired to make regarding the Word of Wisdom included:

“Observing the Word of Wisdom brings about true wellness – spiritual, physical, mental, intellectual, social, emotional, and familial. This Law is for our day and our time. We live in a world that challenges us on many [fronts]. It provides a clear path amidst a jungle of distractions. It is a firm assurance of various aspects of wellness and health. It is a way to a closer relationship with our Heavenly Father.”

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