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Puchong Branch Relief Society Visits PKKII 

Puchong Branch Relief Society visit PKKII

The Relief Society Organization, comprised of women of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS) focuses on service to their fellowmen. In November 2015, the Puchong Branch Relief Society visited the PKKII, a non-profit charity home for brain-injured children.  The LDS group brought food, treats and entertainment to share with the children, who love having visitors.

A program was presented to the children. Sister Jennifer Tesh sang a song in both Chinese and English to the children.  It was titled, “Friends.”  Eight year old Miguel then performed a Michael Jackson-like dance. With the assistance of his mother, friends and missionaries,  Miguel gave instructions and they all learned an action dance together.  There was laughing and dancing to the music as everyone participated.  It was obvious that these special children were delighted, which brought joy to those who were fortunate enough to witness it.  The program concluded with two children’s songs sung by four full time LDS missionaries, Elders Warner, Poon, Eggertson and Wright. A special treat for all, dinner from McDonald’s, was provided by members and friends.  

PKKII has currently adopted 167 brain-injured children.  These children may suffer from autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), development delay, cerebral palsy and others disorders. They require intense care and supervision.

Puan Zaitun, a supervisor since 2001 at PKKII, said that she experiences moments of joy at work when these special children understand and obey.  To her, being able to help, guide and care for these children can be gratifying, but it can also be difficult at times.  With eight other staff members, they provide the care for 48 full time resident children. The other 119 children receive treatment and medication at the facility, but reside elsewhere.  Most of the children are from single parent families, and some are orphans.

The children stay inside most of the time, therefore they welcome NGO visits and they are grateful for those who spend time with them and entertain them.  When this party ended, the smiles on the faces of these children were reward enough to warm the hearts of the visitors.

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