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Service Ever Was Their Watch Cry 

On consecutive nights in December 200 young men and women serving missions for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints met to assemble "Comfort Kits" to be distributed to over 400 residents living in one of the Jamiyah facilities in Singapore. These young people spent some 600 hours in selfless service to prepare the kits and travel to the Jamiyah homes to bring good cheer to those who may be in need during the Christmas Season.

Jamiyah Singapore was founded in 1932 by Moulana Abdul Aleem Siddiqui from India, along with other religious leaders from Singapore and Malaya. The name was later changed to The Muslim Missionary Society Singapore (JAMIYAH).  Dr. Mohd Hasbi Abu Bakar became President of Jamiyah in 2012 and continues to lead this organization to new heights. His immediate goals are to "strengthen the resilience of the organization as well as enhance networking with local, regional and international NGOs."

The mission of Jamiyah is to work and contribute towards the welfare and overall development of the Muslim community and all mankind. Jamiyah's objectives include " to have friendly contacts with external organizations in matters of common interest in the spirit of Islam, and to promote inter-faith and multi racial harmony".  Jamiyah Singapore is well known throughout  Asia as a leader in caring for those in need, regardless of race or religion. The acts of goodness shown by administrators and staff of Jamiyah are examples all fellow Singaporeans may choose follow.

Missionaries from around the world, serving in the Singapore Mission met for Zone Conference in early December. Most spent their time in the evenings preparing the kits to be given to residents of the several homes currently operated by Jamiyah. Chad Eggertsen was busily engaged in assembling the kits when he said, "This work helps me know that God is aware of all things. Even these little acts do not go unnoticed by Him."

The Comfort Kit is a bag which includes a necklace made of candy treats, and a lap blanket for those elderly people residing in either Darul Takrim, a Home for the Aged; or in Darul Syifaa, a nursing care facility. Kits that were prepared for delivery to orphans and children from disadvantaged families living in Darul Ma'wa included mathematic wheels, as well as a blanket and candy necklaces.

On December 16, 2014, missionaries living in the Singapore area took kits in hand, boarded public transportation and traveled to three of the Jamiyah centers to distribute the Comfort Kits.  Local Singaporeans were filled with wonder upon seeing young men and women, arms filled with bags, boarding the trains. Many people riding the trains spontaneously shared Christmas songs such as Jingle Bells, Deck the Halls, and We Wish You a Merry Christmas. A joyous celebration was shared by many. A Mormon volunteer, Michael McCarty from New Zealand said "It was great to share joy with so many people today, everyone had a better attitude, including me!"

Along with the kits and song, residents and volunteers spent interactive time sharing life lessons and moral values which benefit all mankind. Jaden Hunsaker from Idaho Falls, Idaho reported how blessed he had been to speak with several older residents of Durul Syifaa. Sharing the gifts and "speaking with these folks has allowed me to really get the Christmas spirit. I am blessed to have the opportunity to share this gift of joy with so many".

 Dr. Bakar said "I hope that Jamiyah will surge ahead locally and on the International front with the continued strong support of well-wishers who believe in Jamiyah's programs and initiatives. I pray that you will be rewarded for your contributions towards society and mankind". 

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