News Release

KL District Young Men and Young Women Church Camps

In a beautiful storybook setting, more than 40 Young Men and Young Women from the Kuala Lumpur Malaysia District attended their respective church camps at FRIM*.  The end of the year holidays provided the time necessary for all the District Youth to convene.  Tremendous effort and planning went into the three days.  Dedicated leaders took leave of their jobs and their families to provide supervision and instruction.  It was a successful venture!

A swinging bridge across a jungle chasm separated the young men camp from the young women camp.  Their activities and meals were separate and apart, yet the Spirit of the Lord united them all.  They experienced fellowship, friendship and discipleship.  Some activities centered on life skills, while others reinforced gospel principles and strengthened testimonies.

The Young Women stayed in groups of three in small thatched roof cabins that circled a fire pit.  Their open air pavilion was the gathering place for their craft and group activities. After settling in and receiving instructions, the activities began in earnest.  The girls, ranging in age from 12 to 18, participated many events, including first aid instruction, craft making and life planning.  All subject matter was designed to strengthen testimonies and faith in God, while bringing unity and love to the District.  The leaders felt strongly about providing an environment where each girl felt loved and recognized.  In this environment that was conducive to growth and progress, they knew these precious young women could develop self confidence in their abilities to follow God’s plan for them.  

The Young Men stayed in tents they set up upon their arrival. A large thatched roof open pavilion was the center of their activities, including the first group project of designing their own tee shirts with bleach pens. The 12 to 18 year old young men participated in spiritual strengthening discussions, which included their respective priesthood duties as well as the standards outlined in “The Strength of Youth.”  Their camp theme was “Oh ye that embark in the service of God.” Each day there was a nature hike, a guided canopy walk, or an obstacle course to expend their energy and to increase their outdoor experiences.  Their service project promoted cooperation skills and fostered serving others as they cleared waterways of debris and relocated rock piles for the facility.  Their camp concluded with a testimony meeting.

As is customary in Church camps, these youth participated in group skits and devotionals.  What made this gathering unique, was the subject matter of the KL District camps skits.  They focused on church-related topics and incorporating spirituality into daily life.  Since no electronics were allowed in camp, the real life lessons and experiences had no modern distractions!

When asked why she came, one young woman said it had long been her wish to experience the outdoors in the mountains, and with this camp opportunity, her wish came true. Several young men said they came to enjoy the outdoors and to be with other young men who have similar beliefs and “get it.”   

Youth and leaders from Malacca/Klang, Kuala Lumpur, Cheras, Petaling Jaya, Subang and Puchong Branches were in attendance.  Every Branch in the District was represented! The opportunity for growth was provided to these noble youth, and all who attended were edified.


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