News Release

Youth Launch Their Futures

In late February, the Young Men and Young Women of the Johor Bahru and Masai Branches of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and their parents gathered to “Shoot for the Stars.”  This workshop conference was designed to assist the youth in their future planning, to ensure a bright future for each. Many youth shared that they previously thought a mission and higher education were out of their reach, and not available or possible for them to accomplish.  Many thought differently after this time together.

“Press Forward” is the Church-wide Youth Theme this year.  Incorporating that into the workshops, the two areas of focus were mission preparedness and education expectations.  The workshop was appropriately titled, “Launching Your Future.” 

The welcome process took each person through six stations to gather information.  They were taught to be positive and outgoing, and given skills to do it.  The first session helped the youth open their minds to possibilities, to see their potential, to set goals and to envision what their futures could hold.

After lunch, everyone participated in an enjoyable “Game of Life” activity.  Next was mission groundwork.  They learned that serving a mission will benefit them throughout their entire lives.  They not only talked about it, but they also learned how to prepare and apply for missionary service.

Ben Wilkey, the International Student Admissions Advisor from Utah State University, shared motivational information on the wisdom of obtaining higher education.  Dalbina Kaur, from the JB Branch spoke about her success in securing a college degree from a local institution, due to her abilities to set goals, save money, work part time and apply herself to her studies.  The concluding speaker, President Stephen Lai, the Singapore Stake President and a representative of BYU - Hawaii, spoke about the I-Work program and other financial assistance opportunities available to Malaysia residents.

In the precious moments after the seminar, many spoke excitedly about their “new” futures.  Some youth admitted to not having any life goals before today, but now they planned to obtain a college degree.  Other youth said their previous plans were to get job post high school to buy a motor bike or cell phone.  Now, several stated they planned to serve missions.  The lingering atmosphere was definitely one of positive launching of their futures!

The successful event was organized by Elder and Sister Benson, senior missionaries serving in West Malaysia.  Youth leaders and local missionaries from JB and Masai assisted.

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