News Release

A Personal Blessing from God

Samuel, a young man and active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recently received his patriarchal blessing. This culminated his entire family having received their blessings. Samuel’s older sister, Victoria, received her blessing several years ago and their parents received their blessings decades ago. All of them expressed that this sacred experience “filled them with peace and a sense of gratitude that God is mindful of them.”

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who are recommended by their bishop or branch president can receive a special blessing at the hands of a patriarch. This is the continuation of the practice in the Church at the time of Christ.

Samuel and Victoria both expressed that they knew their blessings were personal because ideas expressed therein were things they frequently “thought about and struggled to comprehend.” They both affirmed “the patriarch didn’t know them personally yet seemed to be aware of their personal concerns, spiritual and temporal.”

This blessing is a personal blessing for them alone. It is sacred and so recipients don’t share specific statements except with close family members.

Imagine a priesthood leader laying his hands upon your head and delivering personal blessings and guidance especially meant for you as a child of God. All family members felt that their “blessings helped protect them and keep them from stumbling or being misled.” Min Lian, the mother, expressed that she gained insights into her experiences teaching others. She felt that her “students would be drawn to her, but she must remain humble and diligently prepare to avoid becoming overconfident.” Richard, the father, expressed that this “blessing is a road map and will help us recognize when we get off course.” Victoria admitted that she had only considered one possible vocation in her life. But as a result of her blessing, “I began to think of other possible careers. As a result, I am considering a new discipline that will help me achieve all that I had desired from my previous career and more. It helped me realize that I have other strengths that I can use to bless others.”

Each family member expressed that they treasure their blessing. They feel they should read them frequently and ponder their meaning. Their “blessings are personal revelation to them.”

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