News Release

Honoring and Encouraging Those who Serve in our Communities

On Friday, January 25, 2019, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints gathered at the Council of Churches of Malaysia in Petaling Jaya to recognize two outstanding community leaders. YB Ramakrishnan Suppiah and Krishnamoorthy Muthaly received Community Awards presented by the Church for their service. Family, professional associates and friends were present to help celebrate their accomplishments which included mentoring students and other community members to assist them in achieving their goals, working with others with divergent views to find commonalities to foster dialogue, and striving to unify community members. 


Why does the Church present a community award?

The awards provide an opportunity for us to recognize those who provide outstanding service. We wish to make a statement about the individual who has distinguished himself or herself in worthwhile pursuits. But the award is also about seeking the good in our communities. We hope that our recognition will encourage more service and motivate other community members to be better individuals. KL District President Tai Tolman, who presided over and conducted the ceremonies, commented, “Often those who are serving well are not recognized. When we express heartfelt appreciation, they may be deeply moved. And as we reflect on the accomplishments of these individuals, it makes us want to be better ourselves.”

Initially, many of those who gathered were strangers, but after a short time of mingling and extending themselves to others, warm feelings of camaraderie developed. After a program of music and verbal expressions, a delicious Chinese dinner was served enabling more conversation and engagement.

Those who were recognized were humbled by the presentation. Mr. Muthaly stated, “It was indeed an honor to receive your prestigious community award. I and my family will cherish it all my life.”

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