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Easter is a Day to Reach Out to the Less Unfortunate

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Easter is one of the most celebrated events in Christianity, alongside Christmas. It has been said, “There is no Christmas without Easter.” Reversing this phrase one could also say, “There is no Easter without Christmas.” Indeed, both phrases complement each other as significant holy events celebrated among Christians.

In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Easter Day is celebrated among its members throughout the world. While Latter-day Saints attend church on Sundays to spiritually celebrate Easter, their collective and individual worship at church also expresses their gratitude for the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

To members, one of the greatest teachings of Jesus Christ is to serve and reach out to others, especially the less fortunate. It is a way to extend God’s love to the human family. Easter season would thus be a significant and suitable time to carry out acts of kindness and service in their local communities.

This was exemplified by Latter-day Saints visiting the Sunshine Disability Welfare Home for Easter Sunday, which was on March 29, 2024. The Home is located in the Cheras area of Malaysia’s Selangor state. They brought donations of groceries and food, and even had an opportunity to share an Easter Day message to the residents.

Jenny Min, the Home’s manager was happy to welcome the visit from the Church. She said to them, “We are grateful for your donations and the food. It is sufficient for our needs. Our residents enjoyed the songs that all of you sang, and appreciated the Easter Day message. On your next visit, please arrange for more activities. They love music, song and dance.”

Rachel Mak, the Latter-day Saint who organized the visit and activities, shared her thoughts, saying, “The Home is looking forward to our next visit. They were really delighted to have us sing and share an Easter Day message with them. I could see their happy expressions in their countenance. They would also like to visit the Church to attend a Sunday service. I believe we made their day!”

Sunshine Disability Welfare Home has 16 residents, mostly youth and adults who have physical disabilities, health challenges, and critical infirmities. A number of local volunteers contribute their time to assist in the care of its residents. Community members regularly donate food, groceries, and household supplies to the Home. Sunshine Home also makes and sells fresh and delicious Chinese dumplings as part of their efforts to secure donations from the community.

Angie Chong, a member of the Cheras branch of the Church, reflected that, “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints shared the Easter message of hope, love and service to the human family alongside the glad tidings that the gospel of Jesus Christ brings to individuals, families, communities and nations.”

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