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Orang Asli Receive Goodwill From LDS Charities 

Rajendra Dass and Amos Ahraham, of Kuala Kubu Bharu, Malaysia each live very full and busy lives. They also find themselves immersed in serving many members of their communities as leaders in their respective churches. On Saturday, November 29, nearly 70 members from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints donned Mormon Helping Hands vests and distributed bags of hygiene products and school supplies donated by LDS Charities to over 200 Orang Asli (Malay for original people) living in two villages near Kuala Kubu Bharu. Each participant experienced the joy that comes from serving one another. 

Longtime friends, Pastor Amos from the Calvary Carismatic Church and President Dass from the Kuala Lumpur District of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, began discussions concerning this day several months ago. Each religious group share common beliefs regarding the importance of family, obeying local laws, being good neighbors through serving others, and following the teachings of Jesus Christ.  

After homes were visited and supplies dispersed, all involved met at the community center where members of both faiths shared talents such as a juggling clown, dancing, singing and a puppet show which was a delight to the children present. The village children especially enjoyed the chocolate treats shared by the other children visiting the village. Following the program presented by the Kuala Lumpur church members, they were treated to songs by the very talented people of the village.

 Awa, a 74 year old grandmother, expressed appreciation for the visitors. She said "There are many people in our village today, all with smiles and joy. I see light shine in their faces."  Village residents Gupi and Sandra brought four of their five children to the event. Their oldest son Musa had recently suffered head trauma from an accident  and was being cared for at home. After sharing his love for their "five wonderful children" and expressing how important each one was, he invited members of the Mormon congregations to join in a prayer of faith for the benefit of their son.

As little 7 year old Fazral clutched his bag of gifts and protected his cache of crackers and chocolates, Pastor Amos concluded the event by stating, "thank you for coming to our villages today. We are all one people in Christ. It is God's will that we are meeting  and sharing today. We must all remember to always be faithful to our Savior and follow His teachings".

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