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Remembering the Events of Jesus' Birth

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as Christians love to celebrate Christmas. In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, there is extensive religious diversity and Christmas is recognized as a public holiday. To help capture the spirit of Christmas, the Church staged a pageant December 8, 2018, depicting events surrounding the birth of Jesus Christ. Non-Muslims were invited to this non-denominational presentation.


One Christian father, Ben, stated, ”I was looking for an event like this to share with my children, a live nativity scene.” All of his family members were engaged in the presentation. Despite time constraints, they wanted to witness it a second time.

The presentation began with several musical numbers. Even little children sang in the choir about the “baby in a manger.” The participants then were divided into smaller groups of about 20. Guides accompanied the groups to different rooms focusing on different events surrounding the birth of Jesus Christ. The first room portrayed a scholar explaining that the children of Israel had waited and looked forward for thousands of years for the Savior to come. As the Book of Mormon says, “all those who have hearkened unto [the words of the prophets], and . . . have looked forward to that day for a remission of their sins, . . . are . . . heirs of the kingdom of God.” (Mosiah 15:11)

Then, the group transitioned to the angel’s room. The angels explain that they were commissioned by God to visit the earth and announce the glad tidings of the birth of Christ.

Next, the group moved to a room with shepherds keeping watch over their sheep at night. They described a visitation by an angel and bore testimony of the infant Savior that they went to see.

At the subsequent stop, the wise men describe the new star and their visit to Herod seeking the Christ. After departing them, we come to Herod’s court, where we see an arrogant, worldly ruler who threatens to kill the Child.


Finally, we go to the humble stable where the Infant lies asleep in the hay watched over by Mary and Joseph. Participants, old and young, reverently pause and reflect on the simple grandeur of the holy Child.

As we remember the great miracle of Jesus Christ coming from His heavenly home to dwell on earth, we recognize the astounding yet humble nature of his birth. He was the symbol of hope and goodness for many. For others, “he went about doing good," yet was despised for it. (Acts 10:38) The visit to Herod’s room emphasizes His imminent danger from the time of His birth.

The sets were authentic. The sheep, donkey, and camel were realistic. The costumes were exquisite. 

There was a marketplace at the conclusion wherein participants received different breads, figs, dates and nuts reminiscent of that time. This contributed to feelings surrounding the event.      

Those who attended were enthusiastically positive. In the words of Ben, “Thank you for inviting our family. This is what we were seeking.”

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