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Single Adults Find Answer to Tough Family Home Evening Question

"Home evening can be a blessing in the life of a single person too".

Mormons around the world understand that Family Home Evening is usually held on Monday night. They know is a time to strengthen family ties by learning the gospel together, by listening to each other’s feelings, thoughts and ideas, and by enjoying activities together.

President Thomas S. Monson says "Family home evening is for everyone. Recently married couples, fathers and mothers with children, single parents with children, couples who have no children at home, single adults in home evening groups, and those who live alone or with roommates can all be blessed by holding family home evening."

Those not in a traditional  family often find themselves asking "How many does it take to hold family home evening? One? Two? Three?”  A church leader in Malaysia believes it takes no more than one person, and has challenged everyone in the country to hold family home evening weekly.

Rising to the challenge, single members from Petaling Jaya Branch have tried various methods of holding family home evening: joining with traditional families, joining with other singles (voluntarily or by assignment), and holding a truly single family home evening. Unanimously they proclaim no matter what method they have used, each has enjoyed great personal growth through family home evening.

On October 12, 2015 eleven men and women from Petaling Jaya Branch assembled to share a meal and spiritual time together. The food, fun, laughter and sharing reminded Chen Ying "that spiritual experiences shared with one another provides tools for coping with challenges of everyday life."

Asoncion Racaza believes single people must approach the event just as a traditional family does. "First, you must make Family Home Evening a priority in your weekly planning. If you do not make this time a priority, you will miss out on personal growth and strength, as well as the opportunity to build friendships and deepen your testimony of Christ". Lee Poh Peng has held a typical Family Home Evening with only herself present. "It was good, a special experience. Much different compared to a shared group, nevertheless the experience allowed me to draw near to the spirit and was personally uplifting."  

Each participant commented how important it is to begin any Home Evening experience with an opening song and prayer. One stated "There is a difference between this activity and just another night at home. It doesn’t seem to matter exactly which worthwhile activity I choose during this time, but an opening prayer is critical. Somehow, the spirit present is different then. I may spend time researching a question in the scriptures or reading about it from books in my personal library. Or I may pursue a cultural activity. What a blessing these evenings can be! Often, the knowledge gained improves the decisions I make."

Judyth F. Barton, from Bangor, Maine USA says "My solitary home evenings may not be appropriate for everyone. How family home evening is used in the life of a single person is best left to the individual; each should select the approach that suits his or her situation and personality. But single members who have no children should not assume that home evening is only for traditional families. I know from experience that home evening can be a blessing in the life of a single person too."

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