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Every Little Bit Helps - Especially for Cancer Patients

Treating cancer can be financially overwhelming, and when LDS Charities, the humanitarian arm of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, (the LDS Church) learned of a struggling homestay program for cancer patients, they stepped up in creative ways. Last week, a ceremony was held at Cancerlink Foundation in Petaling Jaya to showcase the donations made to lighten the burden of the facility in its desire to benefit needy cancer patients.


Dependent upon sponsors, donations, and volunteers, the 13 bed facility was grateful for the recent LDS Charities’ contributions of new mattresses, bedsheets, blankets and linens.  Also donated were 35 “overnight” kits for patients to have individual personal toiletries including a cup, toothbrush, toothpaste, washcloth and hair comb.  Five patients received their gifts in colorful bags at the ceremony.  Several nice storage closets and bedstands were also donated for the bedrooms. The living quarters were vastly improved.

Elder and Sister Kane, Humanitarian missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, were the authors of the Cancerlink donations project.  Elder Kane said they have been very impressed with the people they have met who are committed to helping others.  He added, “LDS Charities is committed to serving the poor and needy all over the world.”

Cancerlink operates a homestay program for people who sincerely need help in their battles against cancer.  Since many medical clinics are in the Klang Valley, nearby lodging for cancer patients and their families is critical. A simple home away from home, the humble but immaculate facility provides necessities of a bed in an air conditioned room. It is comfortable, quiet, and has an air of peace, according to Joanne Fernandez, Founder Consultant & Chairperson. She said that the bed is a very important place, since that is where the healing of mind, body, and spirit takes place.  She expressed appreciation to LDS Charities for the new mattresses and bedding and said it was a significant help to them.

As a result of LDS Charities’ donations, other donors saw the need to improve more of the facility.  One patron came forward to donate beautiful flooring to replace worn carpet.  The new second floor hardwood flooring adds a clean feel to this house of hope and help.

Members of the LDS Church, or Mormons, believe in helping others. LDS Charities was established by the Church to enhance members’ involvement in relief and development activities across the globe.  LDS Charities has been a recognized NGO in Malaysia since 1985.  Its influence is felt with contributions of wheelchairs, school needs, water projects and medical supplies.

“We are the Lord’s hands here upon the earth, with the mandate to serve and to lift His children.  He is dependent upon each of us,” said Thomas S. Monson, President and Prophet of the LDS Church.  Ensign 2009, p. 85

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